Residential Services

Thouvenin Landscape services display a high degree of skill and attention to detail at all stages. Thoughtfulness, good taste and durability are also key to the finished product.

Thouvenin Landscapes offer the following services:

Hard Landscaping:

  • Patios, Terraces & Sitting Area
  • Stonewalls, Brick walls & Steps
  • Outdoor Fireplaces & Kitchens
  • Driveways ( Resin Bound, Clay & Concrete Pavers)

Soft Landscaping:

  • Planting & Mulching
  • Lawns & Artificial lawns
  • Tree Planting & Anchoring

Other Services:

  • Garden Lighting
  • Iron Gates & Railings
  • Irrigation & Drainage
  • Decking And Pergolas
  • Fencing & Gates
  • Gardens Rooms & Sheds
  • Tree Surgery

Decking & Pergolas

Decking is a beautiful way to create a patio area for your home. Hard and softwood decking can be used to create different shapes and overcome the site’s elevation variations. We install hard and soft wood decking, forming elevations and creating areas to meet you and your site’s needs.


At Thouvenin Landscapes we can offer an extensive range of blocks in many colours, patterns, sizes and styles to suit all tastes. Alternatively, we can use shingle, grass paver, tarmac and many other materials

Excavation and Structural Work

At Thouvenin Landscapes, we are very experienced in using large machinery and hold all relevant insurance. With the use of such machinery we can carry out many different types and sizes of jobs.

Fences and Gates

At Thouvenin Landscapes we take pride in every job, whether big or small. We will supply and erect all types of fencing from steel fences to a more traditional chestnut type of fence. We can also supply and fit gates to enhance the look of your property.

Lawns and Synthetic Turf

At Thouvenin landscapes we use Arena Turf for low maintenance lawns. Alternatively, you may decide you want a synthetic lawn and opt for Astro Turf, which is extremely low maintenance and is also children and animal friendly. We can help you with any of your lawn needs.


At Thouvenin Landscapes we are dedicated to provide quality patios, which you can enjoy throughout the year, come rain or shine. With almost a decade of experience we can advise on which type of stone might suit your requirements best.